buy the things you need from Kmart and pay them off on affordable weekly repayments

Kmart’s low prices are now even more
irresistible with dtr’s new easi-own card

the easi-own card allows you to purchase the things you want, when you want them, with affordable repayments to suit your budget.

Here's how the easi-own card works.

  • 01
    Apply Once
    You apply just once for your easi-own card.
  • 02
    Personalised Spending
    You’ll get a personal spending limit and interest rate based on your individual circumstances.
  • 03
    Activate your card
    Activate your card online and create your 4 digit PIN number.
  • 04
    Buy now
    Buy the things you want now at our selected business partners, with no deposit, and affordable weekly repayments.
  • 05
    You’re in control.
    Pay off your purchases as fast as you like. If you want to adjust your weekly credit limit, phone us on 0800 232 500.
If an easi-own card sounds like something you’d like to have in your wallet, just call or drop in to see us so we can update your details, talk about what you might need, and get a revolving credit facility set up for you.

Apply online, it takes 10 minutes.